Positive Abuse Presents: Sonice Boom - May

Hola Friends,

First off, I apologize for not getting this out to you in June BUT you now get another two-fer this delivery! Some of you are either going to really love this month or totally hate this month because there is a ton of foreign (mostly French) music this month. I also only visited 2 record stores in person in May: Bionic Records and 1234Go in San Fran (I wanted to go to the Oakland location too but we didn't have time). The rest of the tracks this month all came from mail order purchases. I also had to really stretch the releases this month because I didn't have enough to fill the comp by only taking 1 track from each release. That's a first because I usually have to leave stuff off because I spend too much on music. If you've been listening to our podcast, Positive Abuse, you may have also noticed that we haven't recorded in a while. We're not dead just had to get some life stuff situated but we'll be back very soon. I also sent out an email to you guys with links to a bunch of stuff that I preordered because I knew they'd be sold out by the time the comps came out - is that helpful to you guys? I assume it's easy enough to ignore if you aren't going to buy any of the releases. I hope you guys dig the comp this month!



Sonic Boom #12 May 2015

1 Sheer Mag "Fan The Flames"

This band is getting a ton of hype from underground rags like Vice/Maximum R&R along with mainstream outlets such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stone! This track is off of their newest of two 7"s and I was hooked instantly. The band has a very blown out sound while still maintaining a huge soul element to their sound. I'm hoping they make it back to the west coast because I'd love to see them. If you are digging it and want the 7" hit me up because I picked up some extras.


2 The Flaming Lips "Brainville" - RSD

Flaming Lips have always been huge supporters of RSD. I think it's because Wayne has a good relationship with the guy that started RSD because they both reside in Oklahoma - just a guess. This RSD they re-released three old EPs. I had picked up 2/3 on RSD but couldn't find the 3rd. Luckily Bionic Records located one for me so I didn't have to pay eBay prices. Despite his weird relationship with Miley Cyrus, I'm still a huge sucker for this band. This recording was originally released in '96 but still sounds fresh. http://www.discogs.com/Flaming-Lips-Brainville/release/6983514

3 Annie Philippe "Pas De Taxi"

This is the first of many foreign tracks this month. You may not know the name but I assume you've seen the iconic picture of her with the bright yellow sunglasses from the 60s. Along with the Doxy label, Ace Records have been putting out a ton of great represses from this era. My wife grabbed this one from Goner Records. I don't know much about Annie but I really like this record! http://www.discogs.com/Annie-Philippe-Sensationnel-Y%C3%A9-Y%C3%A9-Bonbons-1965-1968/master/803385

4 Pfarmers "The Ol' River Gang"

Another "supergroup" featuring members of Menomena and The National. My wife and I are huge fans of both of these bands but passed on preordering the LP when the first track was released because it was very atmospheric and we thought it would be a throwaway background music album. We were wrong. Luckily I was able to find one of the limited color LPs online at 1234Go Records after it was released. If you are a fan of the first and second Menomena album you will like this album. I've also heard there is another "supergroup" being formed by other Menomena and other National members too - that would be great if they toured together! http://store.jurassicpoprecords.com/collections/in-stock/products/pfarmers-gunnera

5 Koma Kids "I'm A Creep"

I picked this up when I discovered this label called Video Disease Records. I was looking into this label because they did a repress of the Ultra- Violent 7" (which will appear on the next SB because I had to order it from another place). The writeup says it is members of the Los Angeles punk scene but don't want their names announced. If you like this song then you'll love the rest of the 7" but grab it soon because it's limited to 100!



6 Simfuckers "Get What You Deserve"

Same label as the Koma Kids but this is an Aussie band. You already know my love for the Aussies so I took a chance on this. This is totally blown out punk and I'm not sure how much I like it. It's ok after the first couple listens but I have a feeling it won't be getting much rotation after a couple months. Do you like it?

7 Mystic Inane "Polite Society"

A Lumpy Records band that had been in slumber, or so I thought!!! I put a song from their first 7" on SB#7 but hadn't heard anything from them since. Then out of nowhere they release two 7"s in one month! As with everything these days, this is limited so if you are interested grab it soon! http://www.discogs.com/Mystic-Inane-Ode-To-Joy/master/844305

8 Francoise Hardy "Dis Lui Non"

Here is another track from the girl that started it all for my wife. We found this LP at 1234Go in San Francisco while we were visiting our friends. I also just found out that Light in the Attic Records are repressing 4 or 5 of her old albums! That label does a fantastic job in their represses but I hope they don't release them all at once because that is going to be a $$$ record month. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to be saying this in our PC world that we live in but Francoise was a total smoke show back in her day. Simply stunning! http://www.discogs.com/Fran%C3%A7oise-Hardy-Fran%C3%A7oise/release/3989842

9 Onuma Singsiri "Mae Kha Som Tum" -RSD

Another delayed RSD purchase this time picked up during the same 1234Go trip. I saw this on RSD and was very tempted at that time but had already spent an extremely hefty amount so I decided against it. When I saw it at the shop I went for it and I'm glad I did. This is such a fun record. The beat in this sounds like something that RZA would sample for a Wu-Tang loop. Obviously I don't know what this guy is saying but he is singing it with conviction and that's good enough for me! http://www.discogs.com/Various-Thai-Pop-Spectacular-1960s-1980s/release/6901796

10 Chuck Ragan "Justice and Fair Shake"

Not sure if I am alone in this but I prefer Chuck Ragan's solo stuff over Hot Water Music. I know that may be blasphemy to some but HWM is one of those bands that I listened to way later (mainly because I thought I was too punk during their existence) and possibly after I had already listened to Chuck Ragan's solo stuff. With me liking his solo stuff more further proves my theory that your first exposure to something is usually your favorite. My wife and I are testing this theory now with True Detective because we are loving this season but we never watched the first but everybody we talk to says it isn't as good as the first - I'm getting sidetracked.... Side One Dummy Records just released a split 10" with Chuck and Rocky Votolato and it is excellent! It's limited so grab it now. http://sideonedummy.bigcartel.com/product/rocky-votolato-chuck-ragan-kindred-spirit-split-10-pre-order

11 Rocky Votolato "Let Go"

This is the first time that I've done this with Sonic Boom but I'm putting a track from each side of the split release. I'm partly doing this to fill up space this month but also because both artists/sides are that good. Sorry if you're not a fan of his because I also had a track from him on the last SB but you can now time travel without the fear of fading in a photograph and see how Rocky has progressed between his breakout album to now. I still need to pick up his new full length on No Sleep Records so this may not be the last time you hear Rocky on SB. http://sideonedummy.bigcartel.com/product/rocky-votolato-chuck-ragan-kindred-spirit-split-10-pre-order

12 The Drags "Can't Change My Style"

I fucking love this band (I also use one of their songs as my Sonic Boom/Positive Abuse intro)! I had one chance to see them as they were billed to open up for The Backyard Babies like 15 years ago and their van broke down or something and they broke up after that. I went to see The Drags and left a Backyard Babies fan. I picked this up at 1234Go for $5 planning to give it to somebody thinking that I had it already but I didn't. If you see anything by this band (Except for "Set Right Fit To Blow" LP) buy it! They're an often overlooked/forgotten band so when you find their stuff it's usually pretty cheap.


13 Scared Of Chaka "Japan"

Along with The Drags, another scorching band that gets overlooked are these guys! And along with The Drags, when you find their stuff it's usually dirt cheap. Whatever you find and whenever you find it, buy it! I picked this up because I found it at 1234Go but I already have a copy. If you need one, let me know. This track comes off of their lone full length on Empty Records. You may (or may not - I'm not sure if anybody even reads these) remember that I put a track of theirs on the inaugural installment of Sonic Boom way back when. Full circle (I'm not talking about Pennywise Greg and Joey)!

14 - The Lookouts "Out My Door"

I had never heard of this band when I preordered this LP almost 3 months ago but I saw that it was a Bay Area band that Tre Cool was drumming in before he joined Green Day. I'm a fan of Green Day and that era so I was all in. It's exactly what I expected but I dig it. The pics inside the LP of a super young Tre are also pretty cool. I'm not sure that I'd care so much if he wasn't in this band but he is so I do. The LP is limited to 500 and appear to still be available.



15 Profalactics "Springsteen on the Radio"

While at 1234Go I found this really cool CD/7" booklet of underground music in the Colorado scene in the late 70's. I haven't listened to the CD yet but the 7" is really cool and the booklet that it came with has a ton of really cool pics too! This is all very low-fi but still a lot of fun. I don't think that it had any bands that I'd ever heard of before but that is the fun part of it.

16 Brigitte Bardot "Everybody Loves My Baby"

I think Brigitte is probably the most famous of this era as this was a name that I'd always heard before ever listening to any of this stuff. This is a track taken from a collaborative LP with Serge Gainsbourg called "Bonnie and Clyde" that my wife grabbed. It's a repress on a label (4 Men With Beards) that represses a ton of great stuff but I'd heard bad things about the audio quality of their vinyl. Maybe I don't have the ear for it but I thought it sounded great. I am now tempted to pick up some of their other represses (ton of great punk releases by Avengers, Radio Birdman, Stiff Little Fingers, etc.)


17 Juliette Greco "Tous Ces Gens-La Sont Bien Gentils"

I found this LP for my wife at a record store in Chicago that I hadn't ordered from in probably 15 years called Dusty Groove. A fantastic record store that specializes in Soul, Jazz, Funk, World, Blues, Hip Hop, etc. Neither of us knew anything about this artist but it was the right era/geography of something that she'd like so I took a chance to surprise her and she dug it. http://www.discogs.com/Juliette-Greco-Juliette-Greco/release/1654746

18 Lolawolf "Jimmy Franco"

I'd love to say this was a purchase that my wife made but nope - this one is all me. This is the actress (and singer/songwriter obviously) that is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. She was also in the new excellent Mad Max movie, X-Men First Class, Divergent, etc. I found out about this as she just released this "provocative" low budget video with Miley Cyrus during SXSW that peaked my interest. I listened to the whole album on Spotify and kept listening to it over and over. Now, I love this album. Sounds similar to the first two Lykke Li albums with a little more kick.


19 Action Swingers "Losing My Cool"

I was never really a fan of these guys while they were around but I generally trust In The Red Records and what they put out so I took a chance. Honestly, I could have lived without this LP. This is a reissue of a classic album by them and supposedly the first time ever on vinyl. I really like this song but this is the only one on the album that sounds like this. The rest are a bit different and not really my style. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me.


20 Coneheads "Notha Thang"

This is a new Indiana band getting A TON of hype. They are somehow related to the Lumpy Records family but I'm not really sure how/why. This is their first LP and for some reason was released on a German label (there is talks of an American repress). I grabbed 2 since shipping would be the same and they are already asking for $75ish on discogs - so if you're digging this let me know (the corner of the LP is pretty thrashed though from the postal service). The sound of this band from their site describes them as, "Dow Jones and the Industrials on speed or a more manic Devo". It was actually hard to tell if this was a 33 or 45 rpm LP. I really like it! Members of this band also released a 7" under another band called CCTV which released an already sold out 7" and will be on the next SB. Below is a link to their site where you can stream the entire album. https://erstetheketontraeger.bandcamp.com/album/ett-028-the-coneheads-l-p-1-aka-14-year-old-high-school-pc-fascist-hype-lords-rip-off-devo- for-the-sake-of-extorting-from-helpless-impressionable-midwestern-internet-peoplepunks-l-p

21 Modernettes "Teen City"

I'd never heard this band but it's the right time and this label (Sudden Death Records) has done some pretty good Canadian punk reissues in the past, mostly DOA represses. This is a little more pop punk than punk but I'm still a sucker for that stuff if it's done right. This is a repress of a 12'' release from '79. It's only 6 songs but all are fantastic. There is a discography CD out of all their early releases but it's CD only (and on Spotify). https://midheaven.com/item/teen-city-35th-anniversary-reissue-by-modernettes-cd#.VZ7cWvleI5w

22 The Red Stars "Welcome to the Party"

So somebody finally had the bright idea to start creating Killed by Death/Bloodstains style comps of obscure '90s punk bands. This is the first of what I assume will be many of this style of comps to come. Slovenly Records has a similar 2xLP coming out in September called "We're Loud" - already heard it and it's awesome too. This one is called "Destroy All Art" and it's 17 random bands from this era and I'd only heard of 3 of them. This is the kind of shit that gives me a music boner - I love it.


23 Bored To Death "Hate You More"

Another first for Sonic Boom in that I took a track from each side of the "Destroy All Art" comp. This is actually one of the bands that I'd heard of before because I actually have this 7". I believe this band is from Portland but I could be wrong (I'll make sure I check my facts when I record the podcast). I picked up extras of this comp as well and I think I have one left if you're interested. http://www.discogs.com/Various-Destroy-All-Art/release/6947804


24 Flesh World "The Wild Animals In My Life"

This is a track of their first real full length. You may remember this band from SB#2 and SB#4 as I have picked up everything they've released this past year. Their sound has just gotten better and better with each release and this new full length continues in that pattern. I truly hope this is not their pinnacle and they continue to grow as a band because I have been excited with each release. This album will most likely be on my top 10 for the year.


25 Mark Kozelek "Around and Around"

What? Back to back Sonic Boom comps with Mark Kozelek! I know for sure this makes a couple people very happy - you know who you are.. This is a limited repress of an old ep from 2000 and is limited to 2,000 so if you want it - grab it now. I think I want this song to be played at my funeral so can one of you make sure to make that happen? Thanks! I've been looking for info on the new Sun Kil Moon to be released on vinyl but haven't found anything yet, I really like that album.


26 Sheer Mag "Point Breeze"

Holy shit, another first for Sonic Boom! The same band but different releases on the same comp. I fell in love with their new 7" so I tracked down a shop that had their first 7" at a regular price. There is a repress coming out on Static Shock Records very soon so you should be able to find one not at collector scum prices. I can also send you the MP3s of their two 7"s if you are digging it. http://www.discogs.com/Sheer-Mag-Sheer-Mag/master/816045

27 Ti Paris Et Sa Guitare "Bam Pam La Dan"

So I didn't end with a jazz song again, I'm sorry. But my wife found this excellent record of this Haitian guitar player from the late 50's and it is beautiful. I don't know much about this guy but I looked at this label doing these represses called Little Ax Records and they have a TON of stuff like this. More music boner stuff to dig into. They also share distribution duties with Mississippi Records that have done all the Dead Moon represses that I've been eying. If their other stuff is anything like this I'm totally fine with taking a chance on their stuff because they're also pretty cheap.



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Positive Abuse Presents: Sonice Boom - April

Positive Abuse is proud to bring you episode 2 of Sonic Boom.  For those unfamiliar to episode 1, Sonic Boom is one of the reasons we started this podcast in the first place.  Brandon takes songs from the records that he has purchased that month and puts together a talking playlist to highlight the songs and artists and releases that he has purchased in the past month.  If you're into record collecting, this is definitely up your alley.

Sonic Boom #11

Records purchased in April of 2015 (The Record Store Day Episode)

 1. Richard Hell “(I Belong to the) Blank Generation”

2. Germs “Forming”

3. The Dils “I Hate the Rich”

4. X “Adult Books”

5. Otis Redding “Respect (MONO)”

6. Tegan and Sara “I Just Want Back In Your Head (LIVE)”

7. The Dead Milkmen “Punk Rock Girl”

8. Charlie Feathers “One Hand Loose”

9. Serge Gainsbourg “Comment Trouvez-Vous Ma Soeur”

10. The Replacements “Alex Chilton”

11. Slim Dunlap “Just For the Hell of It”

12. Rocky Votolato “The Light and the Sound”

13. Run The Jewels “Bust No Moves”

14. The Dixie Cups “Iko Iko”

15. Last Sons of Krypton “Kristina Kay”

16. Chrome Cranks “Driving Bad”

17. Giorgio Murderer “Lazer Lord”

18. Aquarian Blood “Savage Mind”

19. Slugga “Parasite”

20. Iggy Pop “Sister Midnight (RADIO SESSION)”

21. The Saints “Private Affair”

22. The 101ers “Motor Boys Motor”

23. The Animals “Gonna Send You Back To Georgia”

24. The Zombies “I’ll Keep Trying”

25. Neko Case “Fox Confessor Brings the Flood”

26. Mark Kozelek “If You Want Blood”

27. Brenton Wood “I Think You Got Your Fools Mixed Up”

28. Less McCann “The Shampoo”

29. Charlie Parker “Now’s The Time (Orig. Take 4)”

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Positive Abuse is proud to bring you the inaugural installment of Brandon's Sonic Boom Episodes, which he will be doing on a monthly basis.  Basically, its a recap of his monthly vinyl purchases.  Brandon takes a song off every release he bought that month, rips it directly from the vinyl for the playlist, and gives a brief summary on each song.  Brandon has been doing this for a few years through email with the mp3s and write up being sent to his friends via dropbox, and we're glad that we talked him into doing a live version of it.  We think its rad, and if you're a total nerd, or someone looking to be exposed to some stuff you may have never heard, you probably will too.

Sonic Boom

From records purchased in March of 2015

1. David Bowie “Blue Jean”

2. Culture Abuse “Perfect Light”

3. Almost 21 “A Raincoat and Shoes and Pornographic Blues”

4. Las Chinas “El Crucero”

5. The Mad “Disgusting”

6. Ex-Cult “Rats in A Gas Tank”

7. Warrior Kids “Ville Morte”

8. D’Angelo and the Vanguard “Sugah Daddy”

9. The Verlaines “Lying In State”

10. Peach Kelli Pop “Nude Beach”

11. U2 “The Unforgettable Fire”

12. Green Day “Don’t Leave Me”

13. The Simpletones “T.V. Love”

14. Insults “Stupid Words”

15. Wymyns Prysyn “Blue Jean”

16. Touché Amoré & Self Defense Family "Circa '95"

17. VCR “Toothfaced Motherfuckers”

18. TNT “Empty Sounds”

19. Manipulation “Crisis”

20. Agnostic Front “In Control”

21. R.I.P. “Policía No!"

22. Teengenerate “Human Tornado (LIVE) / I Don’t Care (LIVE)”

23. The Star Club “Final Generation”

24. The Living Eyes “Eat It Up”

25. The Clean “Big Soft Punch”

26. Nic Hessler “All In the Night”

27. Sneaky Feelings “Ready or Not”

28. Mireille Mathieu “Viens Dans Ma Rue”

29. The Apartments “The Black Road Shines”

30. The King Khan & BBQ Show “Alone Again”