Positive Abuse Presents: Sonic Boom - March

Positive Abuse is proud to bring you the inaugural installment of Brandon's Sonic Boom Episodes, which he will be doing on a monthly basis.  Basically, its a recap of his monthly vinyl purchases.  Brandon takes a song off every release he bought that month, rips it directly from the vinyl for the playlist, and gives a brief summary on each song.  Brandon has been doing this for a few years through email with the mp3s and write up being sent to his friends via dropbox, and we're glad that we talked him into doing a live version of it.  We think its rad, and if you're a total nerd, or someone looking to be exposed to some stuff you may have never heard, you probably will too.

Sonic Boom

From records purchased in March of 2015

1. David Bowie “Blue Jean”

2. Culture Abuse “Perfect Light”

3. Almost 21 “A Raincoat and Shoes and Pornographic Blues”

4. Las Chinas “El Crucero”

5. The Mad “Disgusting”

6. Ex-Cult “Rats in A Gas Tank”

7. Warrior Kids “Ville Morte”

8. D’Angelo and the Vanguard “Sugah Daddy”

9. The Verlaines “Lying In State”

10. Peach Kelli Pop “Nude Beach”

11. U2 “The Unforgettable Fire”

12. Green Day “Don’t Leave Me”

13. The Simpletones “T.V. Love”

14. Insults “Stupid Words”

15. Wymyns Prysyn “Blue Jean”

16. Touché Amoré & Self Defense Family "Circa '95"

17. VCR “Toothfaced Motherfuckers”

18. TNT “Empty Sounds”

19. Manipulation “Crisis”

20. Agnostic Front “In Control”

21. R.I.P. “Policía No!"

22. Teengenerate “Human Tornado (LIVE) / I Don’t Care (LIVE)”

23. The Star Club “Final Generation”

24. The Living Eyes “Eat It Up”

25. The Clean “Big Soft Punch”

26. Nic Hessler “All In the Night”

27. Sneaky Feelings “Ready or Not”

28. Mireille Mathieu “Viens Dans Ma Rue”

29. The Apartments “The Black Road Shines”

30. The King Khan & BBQ Show “Alone Again”