Positive Abuse Presents: Sonice Boom - April

Positive Abuse is proud to bring you episode 2 of Sonic Boom.  For those unfamiliar to episode 1, Sonic Boom is one of the reasons we started this podcast in the first place.  Brandon takes songs from the records that he has purchased that month and puts together a talking playlist to highlight the songs and artists and releases that he has purchased in the past month.  If you're into record collecting, this is definitely up your alley.

Sonic Boom #11

Records purchased in April of 2015 (The Record Store Day Episode)

 1. Richard Hell “(I Belong to the) Blank Generation”

2. Germs “Forming”

3. The Dils “I Hate the Rich”

4. X “Adult Books”

5. Otis Redding “Respect (MONO)”

6. Tegan and Sara “I Just Want Back In Your Head (LIVE)”

7. The Dead Milkmen “Punk Rock Girl”

8. Charlie Feathers “One Hand Loose”

9. Serge Gainsbourg “Comment Trouvez-Vous Ma Soeur”

10. The Replacements “Alex Chilton”

11. Slim Dunlap “Just For the Hell of It”

12. Rocky Votolato “The Light and the Sound”

13. Run The Jewels “Bust No Moves”

14. The Dixie Cups “Iko Iko”

15. Last Sons of Krypton “Kristina Kay”

16. Chrome Cranks “Driving Bad”

17. Giorgio Murderer “Lazer Lord”

18. Aquarian Blood “Savage Mind”

19. Slugga “Parasite”

20. Iggy Pop “Sister Midnight (RADIO SESSION)”

21. The Saints “Private Affair”

22. The 101ers “Motor Boys Motor”

23. The Animals “Gonna Send You Back To Georgia”

24. The Zombies “I’ll Keep Trying”

25. Neko Case “Fox Confessor Brings the Flood”

26. Mark Kozelek “If You Want Blood”

27. Brenton Wood “I Think You Got Your Fools Mixed Up”

28. Less McCann “The Shampoo”

29. Charlie Parker “Now’s The Time (Orig. Take 4)”